Becoming an engineer has been the aim of many, however only a few were successful in the past due to limited financial resources or one not being able to leave ones job. Now, Evan Education Academy gives you the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and become a successful Engineer .

Evan Education Academy offers a wide range of engineering specialties like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and IT.

M.Tech degree means an exposure to course material of an international standard. This makes those that complete a M. Tech to be able to compete with people working in companies with international exposure. It is noteworthy that many have been able to get lucrative jobs in multinational companies and top-class offices in India.

  1. M.Tech (Civil)
  2. M.Tech (Electrical)
  3. M.Tech (Computer Science)
  4. M.Tech (Mechanical)
  5. M.Tech ( Electronics & Comm. )
  6. M.Tech ( IT )