MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

Russia since the last few years have become a favored destination for pursuing the MBBS course, the reasons to validate it are enough. Not only MBBS in Russia cost less due to low-fee structure, but also the country's universities have a presence in the top 100 medical universities. It is the view of the "Directory of World Medical Schools" by the World Health Organization. Students passing with MBBS in Russia have wider and quite encouraging opportunities for a career because employment can be found in popular hospitals anywhere in the world. Russia Also provides subsidies to international students, Russian Ministry of Health & Education are providing subsidies for MBBS education. Subsidies are also offered by few other western countries but what Russia offers is comparatively more eminent. The higher quality of education in all the medical universities in the country is another factor that attracts international students to pursue MBBS in Russia.

Any university is also graded on the factor of the teacher-student ratio which is also good in Russia. Most Russian universities have maintained a teacher-student ratio of 7:1 and that has and is ensuring the higher quality of education. Moreover, one can easily observe that WHO and Medical Councils of many countries have recognized most medical universities in Russia. MBBS in Russia is recognized by the Medical Councils of leading countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East countries, UK, etc. India also recognizes MBBS in Russia.

Pursuing MBBS in Russia provides easy access to opportunities. The initial factor for students going to pursue medical education is the cost of different types of institutions. These costs are mostly on the higher side. And that is the reason many students are preferring Russia for MBBS study. For international students pursuing medicine in Russia is affordable as the cost is on the lower side. There is an inflow of many international students who come to Russia every year from America, Australia, Europe, and Asia in the search for better opportunities and successful careers in medicine. As the demand is increasing for MBBS courses in Russia the universities have introduced the English programs for medical courses aside MBBS like pharmacy and dentistry.

Last year students from India who went to pursue MBBS in Russia in 2019, they found all about the cost of living in Russia. Firstly, the accommodation costs are nearly around 100-300 USD every month which can be tailored as per your living style. Commuting is easy with public transport availability like Metros. One can use the metro smart card in commuting easily at only a monthly cost of USD 65. The food expenses can be set easily around only USD 10 for a day. Hence, the cost of living for a month would be near about USD 150 that is an attractive factor to pursue MBBS in Russia for Indian students.