A Few Words
About the Evan Education Consultant

We are Evan Education Consultants and registered under the Government policies of India, we are based in India and we are focusing on the aspiring candidates who want to have their career in the field of AVIATION/ MEDICALS/ MULTIMEDIA & ANIMATION.

Evan Education was established in the year 2016, with the motivational thought to rose above others, and is to share the excitement of being up in the sky.Evan Education Consultants is run by experienced professionals, who thoroughly know the requirements of the industry.

The philosophy of Evan Education Consultants is to devote time, effort and resource into training the individuals to become the best in their chosen profession. This is a conviction that, through time, it has become a valuable contribution of Evan Education Consultants towards nation building.

Education is essential to the progress of every society and in today’s scenario. Keeping all these aspects in mind we prepare our counselling which is done by highly experienced advisors, Subject wise course advise, Industry specific career planning, Sessions to parents.

Evan Education guides the students or you may say we offer services to the students in making the most important decision of their life – about education and future careerin the field of AVIATION/ MEDICALS/ MULTIMEDIA & ANIMATION. Evan Education empower students by giving them up to date information on top colleges and latest job trends which supports them in admission procedure providing them guidance in all necessary aspects from career counselling, towards enrolment, educational finance, assessment, accommodation for the period of education, etc.

Evan Education works on student’s summary and help students to make best choice by suggesting careers, their associated professions, future demand in industry, and international scenarios of those careers. Most students get waylaid and choose the wrong career paths and realize it only too late! This is where career counselling for students comes in handy and it has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Guidance is very necessary for the students and it is the main task in any of the stream they choose, we have gathered students all likes and dislikes, there positive and strong points and then we give them the choices related to their taste of interest and field in which they can do well as well as they can concentrate on their future.

We understand that the only way to be on the top is by delivering results. We have trained aspiring students and given them the qualifications they need to be successful in working for the best Industry. Our mission is to continue this standard of excellence and supply the best possible service to exceed expectation.